Inside one of Capitol Hill’s largest — and most historically restored — homes

Many of the homes on Capitol Hill’s ‘Millionaire’s Row’ fascinate us. What makes this grouping stand out among the historic homes in Seattle is that these grand early 20th century residences are largely intact — renovated, updated, restored — giving us a unique glimpse into the past. 

And if one home in particular stands out for its restoration, it’s 725 14th Avenue East. Originally built between 1903 and 1905, the house is best known as ‘The Skinner Mansion,’ named for the prominent shipping magnate who lived in it from 1914 until the 1950’s. The 10,000-sq.-ft. house sits on a half-acre lot — one of the largest properties on Capitol Hill. The estate was carved up into three separate lots in the 1970’s. In 1999, the current owners acquired the properties that had been sold and restored the estate to its original footprint.

We've selected several of our favorite living spaces (and it was hard to choose!) that showcase the extent of this incredible restoration. Toggle through the photo gallery below:


Take a cinematic tour through this home:

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