Three takeaways from Inman Luxury Connect

This week, we attended Inman's Luxury Connect conference in Beverly Hills to learn about real estate marketing, technology, business intelligence -- and to catch up with the most talented realtors in our industry. We were overjoyed to soak up some California sunshine, learn new insights, and to also reaffirm what we already know and practice. Read about our main takeaways from this year's conference. 

1. If you market to everyone, you market to no one.

Sharran Srivatsaa, co-president of Teles Properties gave a powerful talk about 7 Superpowers of Elite Agents. His first slide announced "Riches are in the niches" -- meaning that finding your specialty is imperative to your success. Once you can find that focus and connect with your audience, you'll be off to the races. This advice is applicable to most industries, but particularly helpful for real estate since there is such an immense spectrum to our business. 

2. Get to know people and show your value.

Building upon this sentiment, Director of the Compass Global Sports & Entertainment Division, Kofi Nartey explained that once you have identified your niche, you must know your value and exude it with confidence. Many other speakers touched on this point as well, including Sally Forster Jones, President of John Aaroe International Luxury Properties, who emphasized how realtors must lead with the tremendous value they provide to their clients. 

3. When it comes to branding, consistent online presence is key. 

We heard this over and over at this year's Luxury Connect. Realtors often have to be a one-man (or woman!) show, from salesperson to legal expert to marketing guru. Taking the time to plan out how you want your brand to be perceived is crucial. From your social media presence, to your website, everything should be current, flow seamlessly and, (this is big) be mobile-friendly.

We learned from Adam Fish, Partner Lead responsible for the Real Estate business at Google, that 50% of people will use a competitor's site if your site is not mobile-friendly. And 40% of people will abandon a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Wonder how your site stacks up? Use this link to find out how fast your website loads, and use this link to determine whether your website is mobile-friendly.