He asks the right questions.”

We know Bob Bennion from both the buy and sell side. On the buy side, Bob takes the time to get to know the client, asks the right questions and develops an understanding of their needs, their style, and what will work for them. As the process evolves and the client inevitably redefines their wants andneeds, Bob is flexible and willing to introduce more properties while keeping in mind what the client keeps coming back too. He listens without judgment but assists in the reasoning process.

On the sell side, Bob is honest. He doesn't over inflate expectations to gain a client. He helps the client understand the current atmosphere for their property, the pluses and the minuses. He lends perspective as the process evolves. He knows when and how much to drop the price if buyers are not showing up to reinvigorate the market. He is always trying to get the best price he can for the client.

— P. McGanney

“Things went smoothly all the way to closing!”

Bob Bennion and Evan Wyman were both great and very responsive to my questions and needs. Bob was able to advise me on some cosmetic renovations and design ideas, furniture suggestions, etc., and so I didn't need to hire someone else to stage my home. That was wonderful, and saved me money! They both made sure that things went smoothly all the way to closing. Yes, I'd use them again and recommend them highly!

— J. Lang

“This job is about serving and [investing] in our clients. That’s the only way to build trust in this industry.”

— Bob Bennion


“Home sold so quickly & for top dollar.”

“I couldn’t have been happier with Bob Bennion's help in the sale of my family’s Broadmoor home. His ability to price our home realistically, paired with their advice in helping get the home prepared to show was invaluable.  I was kept informed on all fronts, yet not overburdened with unnecessary details. He went above-and-beyond in many ways, and I can’t speak highly enough of their service and expertise. Thank you so much for getting the home sold so quickly and for top dollar.”

— M. Rogan


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— M.L.